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Hanácký bál, Regionální centrum Olomouc: Vystoupení s Dunajcem15. MFF Šumperk: Úvod večerního vystoupení začal fujarou

Even though the band name is a bit misguiding, it resides in Olomouc. Wallachian songs belong to its repertoire, but are not the major ones. The town of Olomouc prompts for local “Hana” folklore, but the band performs especially Slovak, Moravian and Czech folk songs. Hungarian, Romanian, Gipsy or Jewish folk music are part of its repertoire as well. In short, the band prefers energetic music rich of expression and technique.

The beginning is dated to the year 1996, when the band did not have refined repertoire neither name. A group of amateurish music enthusiasts, who mostly graduated local school of arts, performed in various occasions. When they were first addressed to perform officially for public, hastily, practically by a pint of beer, the name FRGAL came out.

The repertoire has been slowly refined in course of time according to the interest of both listeners and band members, and folk songs began to dominate. In 2001 FRGAL started partnership with Olomouc folk ensemble Dunajec, which acts from the year 1958 already. Thanks to Dunajec the band can much more intensively develop in folk music and interpretation and rehearse regularly. The band performs in festivals at home and abroad either separately or with dancers, several times represented the Czech Republic abroad, performs in celebrations, weddings and all sorts of cultural events.

There were many musicians in FRGAL already, currently their count climbed up to 10. Standard team configuration for performances is 4-6 persons.

You can find the brief history as well as other promo files in the Downloads section.


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